About us

At KDA we believe that confident children are happy children! Our main goal is to encourage all children to develop a passion for dance, enjoy performing and grow in confidence.  Helping children to believe in themselves is something we're really passionate about. A child may come to their very first class shy, quiet, even a little nervous, but the nerves soon melt away and their inner confidence starts to shine through!

We create a positive, welcoming environment where self-expression is encouraged, talent is nurtured and progress is celebrated no matter how big or small.  Our staff are highly experienced, qualified and hold enhanced DBS and first aid certificates.

We  offer graded exams and have a performance team for those who wish to compete, but there is  no pressure. Whether a student attends 1 or 10 classes a week, everyone is treated the same.

Every dancer has the opportunity to perform in our bi-annual theatre shows. Show days are always so special and something the children really look forward to.  There's no better feeling than performing on a big stage! As much as we adore seeing our students shine on stage, it's the moments off stage that we cherish the most.  Seeing the pride on their faces, the good luck hugs, laughing about a funny mistake they just made on stage and sharing a special experience with friends.  These are moments to treasure.


Whether your child dances just for fun or dreams to become a professional dancer, we will encourage them to be their best and most of all - feel the joy of dance!