Youth classes

Ballet is the foundation of all dance. It teaches discipline from a young age and improves posture, balance and coordination.


Tap is a style that encourages dancers to create beats with their feet. This develops rhythm and coordination.

Modern jazz

Modern is a dynamic dance style that encourages self-expression.  It's fun, energetic and a popular favourite.


Acro increases strength, flexibility and balance. Students learn a variety of skills in areas of balancing, contortion and tumbling.

Stretch & Flex

Flexibility training using safe techniques to encourage correct alignment and injury prevention.

Triple Threat

Kicks, leaps & turns. Students learn drills to perform perfect pirouettes, fabulous jumps and leaps and impressive dance tricks!


Progressing Ballet Technique is a programme designed to improve ballet technique by promoting muscle memory. This class is an excellent addition to any dance training and hugely helps with acro too.